Saturday, April 24, 2010

Silence Becomes You (2005) NR - 2½ Stars

Here's another one that goes in my bizarre category. Bizarre, because I really have no idea what the movie is trying to say. But yet, it visually and seductively draws you into this pair of sisters behavior, that appear to be up to no good. Most men would think this looks like their fantasy, being taken prisoner by two beautiful women. But the direction of the movie is all over the place. While it holds you sexually captive, it doesn't do a good job at showing you where it wants to take you. I guess the point of the movie is Grace becoming one with child, though it makes no real sense to me. Was she just trying to pass her craziness onto the next generation? What did their parents really do to them as children and how did they die? What do the secret paintings represent? As a matter of fact, the whole movie does little to lead you in any direction and just has to be labeled bizarre. Though I did have to watch it till the end hoping for something more. The colorful visuals and the innocence of Silverstone with her seductively pouty lips, probably makes the movie.

Grace (Sienna Guillory), and Violet (Alicia Silverstone) are two sisters living isolated in an enchanted looking mansion deep in the forest. Their parents are dead but memories of their presence still fill the house. The girls have little contact with the outside world and instead love playing dress up in their mother's old clothing. Violet is in the village one night and makes eye contact with Luke (Joe Anderson) who is with another woman. But something in Violet's smile completely overwhelms Luke and before he knows it, he is leaving with Violet back to the mansion. Luke thinks he's hit the jackpot when the other sister Grace appears and they two tempt and tease him with their seductive movements. Before long, Luke is living in the isolated world with them. But when Violet becomes close with Luke, Grace becomes jealous and tries to break the two apart.

First Look, Sequence
Director: Stephanie Sinclaire
Writer: Stephanie Sinclaire
Producers: Stephanie Sinclaire, Karl Richards
I viewed 4/09

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