Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Confession (2005) R - 3½ Stars

I love it when I get one of the free "inside" movies from Blockbuster and it turns out to be good. I'm surprised the movie didn't get better ratings as I thought it was a pretty good drama with some powerful performances by Bosley, and Daddo who is sworn to secrecy by hearing the truth through confession. He would rather take the blame than go against all he believes in his religion.

Luther Scott (Chris Pine) is the boy in school who is smart as a whip but doesn't always use his head. Instead he is finding ways to corrupt the men's dorm at St. Michael's Catholic Prep School. Along with his room mate, Robbie Willingham (Lukas Behnken) he sells beer, videos and Playboy Magazines to the other students to break up their boring school routines. When the boys are caught drinking in their dorm by Father Thomas Parker (Bruce Davison), all are brought in for questioning. No one opens their mouth to the truth except, David Bennet (Adam Bussell), which gets Luther and Robbie terminated from the school. Luther convinces Robbie to get David and make him pay for what he has done. Dressed in a white robe, Luther, finds David and chases him to the second story bridge of campus. There, the two wrestle until David falls from the railing to the pavement below. While Robbie runs to hide, Luther runs straight to Father Michael Kelly's (Cameron Daddo), confessional to explain his side of the story. He knows that Father Kelly will be bound to secrecy for his confession based on their religion.

When detective William Fletcher (Peter Greene), investigates the death, a witness comes forward to say he saw a white robed priest run from the scene. Father Abbot Sutton (Tom Bosley) assists detective Fletcher in questioning the priests one by one. Now Father Kelly's faith will be tested as he is framed for the murder of David and refuses to speak about what he knows.

Crazy Dreams Entertainment, Artist View Entertainment
Director: Jonathan Meyers
Writer: Jonathan Meyers
Producers: Randy Holleschau, Craig Anderson, Alex Yanev
I watched 5/09

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