Saturday, May 2, 2009

Marley & Me (2008) - 3½ Stars

If you are a pet owner, this movie is a must. Most pet lovers know what it means to have a "bad dog," or cat, and Marley is just that. Adorable and hard to say no to or stay mad at after he's just torn up your entire garage. The movie takes you through the entire life cycle, from puppy to old pooch, and the important role pets have in the family. I work at an animal hospital so for me at least, pets are a mandatory addition to the family. Based on the true autobiographical story by writer John Grogan.

Aniston and Wilson look ideal together and their relationship chemistry works. After they are married, they decided to put off having a child and instead choose a pet to get used to the idea of caring for something. This cute romantic comedy shares their story on just how much responsibility goes along with owning a pet.

John Grogan (Owen Wilson) and Jenny (Jennifer Aniston) are a newlywed couple just moving to Florida and holding down their careers as reporters. Even though Jenny would love to have a child now, their careers don't allow the time so instead, John surprises Jenny with a new puppy. The three immediately fall in love and Marley quickly becomes the center of their attention. But Marley, still a puppy, has yet to understand the meaning of the word "No" and his disobedience is challenging the couple's wits, as Marley gobbles everything in sight. As they grow as a family with two children, Marley does too and this 100 pound plus, bundle of joy, is just about ready to be sent away. But they can't give up on him now as they know Marley has become an important member of the family.

20th Century Fox Distribution
Director: David Frankel
Writers: Scott Frank, Don Roos
Producers: Karen Rosenfelt, Gil Netter
I viewed 4/09

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andimazlan said...

Hi Zola. Have you watch My Dog Skip. It is based on true story (memoir). Please see it if you haven't. I'm waiting your review.