Monday, June 1, 2009

Man OverBoard (2009) Not Yet Rated - 3½ Stars

Here's a charming story, not yet released, I had the honor of a privately viewing. Though the movie starts out a little slow, it gains momentum when Fair joins the cast playing the perfect adaptation of the sleazy side of salesmanship. Fair, perfectly cast for his role, knows how to close the deal and doesn't take no for an answer. Kaminsky, compliments him well, playing good against evil.

Boating has been in CJ Mason's (Matt Kaminsky), family since the days of his great grandfather. Now, the proud owner of a used boat shop, Mason Marine, he and his wife Madeline (Brooke Baumer), lead a charmed life along with their two young boys Tommy (Hunter Ryan), and Tyler (Oliver Richman). CJ is a top notch salesperson, but still in the training stages of making good salesmen out of his employees, Frank (Floyd Van buskirk), Steve (Jeffry Stein), Kyle (Graham Norris). These guys don't take their job seriously and sales have been suffering because of it. To make matters worse, Madeline's parents, mother (Michelle Gillette), and father Kevin Hofferman (Bobby Hall), come over, where Kevin loves to ridicule CJ's performance as a father, husband and man. But all that's about to change when Johnny Cross (Mel Fair), a slick, fast talking real estate agent, enters the picture.

Cross is the selling agent for a large house Kevin pushes CJ to buy in order to provide better for his family. In the blink of an eye, Cross manages to get papers signed and hook CJ into a fifty year mortgage making Madeline and the boys very happy. With this new purchase, CJ must now look for ways his company can produce better sales. As if an angel in disguise, Cross drives up to Mason Marine looking for a job. His smooth talking demeanor doesn't wash well with the other employees and they challenge Cross to produce a sale to a certain tight wade customer. There's no denying the ability of Cross when he makes the sale, and CJ happily puts him on to books. But Cross isn't all he seems and as he takes over as top salesman, using devious tactics to gain sales and threatening the men that don't produce bodily harm, CJ is obliviously counting his profits. It takes employees quiting, and customers complaints before CJ realises he's lost track of the importance of his family's dreams. Will it be too late to save them?

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Treasure Entertainment
Directed: Oliver Robins
Producers: Mark Heidelberger, Jesse Felsot, Ashley Scott Meyers
Writers: Nathan Ives, Ashley Scott Meyers
I watched 5/09

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