Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Miss Cast Away and the Island Girls (2005) NR - 3 Stars

In memory of Michael Jackson's death, I thought I'd watch a movie that's been sitting on my shelf for over a year. A spoof on a bunch of other movies, I found this one better than most others movies done in this fashion. Though it didn't get very good reviews, I found this satiric comedy, fairly funny. Airplane it's not, but it's sure a lot better than some of the so-called comedies out today like "Mall Cop" and "Super Bad."

Pilot Maximus Powers (Eric Roberts), and Co-Pilot Mike Saunders (Charlie Schlatter), are flying a group of beautiful women to Japan for the Miss Galaxy Beauty Pageant. When most of the engines blow out, the plane is destined to crash land on a deserted island. While Maxiums is enjoying his time alone with a bunch of sexy ladies, Mike has pretty much been winging it alone, finding a secret cave filled with the luxuries of home and federal express packages, delivering his every need. The group soon learns they are not alone but sharing the island with a group of intelligent ape people and one huge ugly Jurrasic Pork pig.

As they stumble upon Noah's Ark, thinking their prayers have been answered for a worthy escape, Special Agent MJ (Michael Jackson), appears asking the group to take on a new mission, destroying the ark before the ape men can set sail, creating the perfect storm destroying earth and humankind as we know it. Also starring Joyce Giraud as Julie and Stuart Pankin as Noah.

Island Productions, Premiere Entertainment International
Director: Bryan Michael Stoller
Writer: Bryan Michael Stoller
Producer: Bryan Michael Stoller
I viewed 6/09


Anonymous said...

holy cow, you must old. to think superbad is worse! this film if it can be called that, blows. only unfunny republicans will like, happy with cheesey,old, tired jokes.

Zola's Movie Pic's said...

OUCH - but yeah... I am OLD as dirt!!! and yes it is cheesy as hell but I still found it way better than Superbad. BTW I am a liberal Democratic if I have to pick a position.