Monday, June 8, 2009

Tracks (2004) R - 3 Stars

From 1982, based on the true story of the first juvenile in New Jersey's history to be tried as an adult, for committing the crime of manslaughter. Peter and his friends unknowingly caused a train derailment, killing the conductor. Only serving two year in prison, when out he went on to work on Wall Street, making a hefty six digit salary.

Peter Madagin (Chris Gunn), age 15, is at that age where getting into trouble can be easily provoked. Along with his friends, they've spend many a night along the train tracks of Fairlawn, New Jersey. One day, as they decide to mess with an oncoming train, switching the tracks, the unknowingly force the train to derail. In doing so, the conductor is killed and all now face charges of manslaughter.

Sentenced to prison, under the direction of Warden (John Heard), and supervision of Officer Clark (Ice-T), Peter must learn what it takes to survive in this new bared home. With the past life of his father abuse, haunting his every move, Peter must decide either to turn his life around or be dumb enough to stay in jail.

Two Dog Productions, First Look Studios
Director: Peter Wade
Writer: Peter Wade
Producers: Anil C. Stevens, Howard Nash, Thomas Walsh
I viewed 5/09

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