Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Education of Charlie Banks (2007) R - 2 Stars

I never felt any connection with Charlie Banks. I assume the viewer is suppose to feel for the character that is constantly one upped by the new kid in town. But the new kid in town, has much more personality then poor old Charlie Banks and I couldn't care a less that this bully was taking his life over. Silly me, I was hoping for more of a "Talented Mr. Ripley" type movie but this one pales in comparison.

Charlie Banks (Jesse Eisenberg) and his best friend, Danny (Chris Marquette), live in a rough part of New York, where being cool doesn't just happen but more earned. Mick (Jason Ritter), is the kid that is cool and the other boys admire him but also know of his violent side that makes him appear cool. One day during a fight, Mick almost kills two other boys and Charlie is a witness. When Charlie's father explains to him the other boys could have died, Charlie decides he can't keep quiet and tells the police what he saw. But when fear keeps Charlie from testifying, Mick is allowed to go free of all charges.

When Charlie and Danny go off to and Ivy League college at a private campus, Mick shows up without any warning for a visit. Charlie is a bit paranoid with Mick's arrival and wonders if he knows it was him who pointed the finger at him years ago. His very presence makes Charlie uneasy as he watches Mick become comfortable staying with the two boys. Mick doesn't even go to the college but still manages to start dressing like a wealthy student and winning over Charlie's friends, teachers and even making advances on Mary (Eva Amurri), the girl Charlie has a crush on. Before Mick can take over, Charlie must make a stand against him and come clean about the secrets of their past.

Strongheart Pictures, Straight Up Films, Inc., Anchor Bay Entertainment
Director: Fred Durst
Writer: Peter Elkoff
Producers: Michael Corrente, Marisa Polvino
I viewed 7/09

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Anonymous said...

I did not like this movie at all. It was slow moving and Charlie was a unsympathetic person who pretty much deserved everything that he got coming to him.

The acting was horrible and the whole concept of the movie has been tried before and this time it failed miserably.

Don't waste your money on this flick.

Ranger Rick