Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Masked and Anonymous (2003) PG13 - 2 Stars

It's really bad when you watch a movie and you are not quite sure what you just watched. Seems I'm on a streak this week of just such movies. Now mind you, this movie has a well supported cast who all do their part with their acting but I still don't get where they are, who's civil war and revolution it is, and how these few eccentric individuals all came to be where they are. Other than Bob Dylan who travels there to perform a benefit concert, I did not absorb the underlying meaning and was basically lost. Gotta put this one in my bizarre collection.

Uncle Sweetheart (John Goodman), is a big shot concert promoter who has found his niche in life in a nation plagued with a revolution of political unrest. But he can't do it alone and hires television producer Nina Veronica (Jessica Lange) to help promote the show. Nina is hoping Sweetheart will find an all star line up to head a benefit fundraiser concert but all Sweetheart can muster up is a has been headliner Jack Fate (Bob Dylan). Fate has been serving a prison sentence but Sweetheart is able to pull some of his last strings in order to get him released. While he is there, he must see his dying father, the President. Fate was never worthy in his father's eyes and instead, the next in line for his empire is (Mickey Rourke).

Investigative journalist (Jeff Bridges) and his girlfriend Pagan Lace (Penélope Cruz), show up but no one wants to talk to them. The concert goes on as planned until the President's death interrupts their broadcast. Also starring Luke Wilson as Bobby Cupid, Angela Bassett, Bruce Dean, Ed Harris and Christian Slater.

Marching Band Productions, Spitfire Pictures, Sony Pictures Classics
Director: Larry Charles
Writers: Sergei Petrov, Rene Fontaine
Producers: Jeff Rosen, Nigel Sinclair
I viewed 7/09

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