Tuesday, July 28, 2009

September 8 Tapes (2004) R - 2½ Stars

While I try and eat up everything that has to do with documentaries on the war in Iraq, 9-11, Afghanistan or anything else about the middle east, I felt this one was a bit over the edge. It has me questioning whether the director / star, was not being a little over melodramatic in his editing of his documentary. Don't get me wrong, I do believe that lives were at risk in the making of this film especially being in a country that hates Americans. It just appeared at times to me to look a little staged. I could be wrong.

American journalist Don Larson (George Calil), travels to Kabul, Afghanistan a year after the tragedy of September 11. Along with director Christian Johnston, cameraman, and interpreter, they're mission is to try and find Osama bin Laden and others responsible for tragic day. But in the process of documenting the event, Don is arrested and and put in an Afghan jail. It is there he meets up with Babak, a paid bounty hunter, who will try and help them find the terrorists responsible and Osama bin Laden.

First Look, THINK Films
Director: Christian Johnston
Writers: Christian Van Gregg, Christian Johnston
Producers: Christian Van Gregg, Matthew Rhodes, Christian Johnston
I viewed 7/09

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Anonymous said...

Dude...are you kidding? Of COURSE it was all staged. It had all the cliches right there. Getting thrown in jail where he makes a secret contact? Passing pictures of family right before the firefight? The high-speed shooting chase through the city? Did you really fall for all that? Then in the end, the Taliban continue taping with the camera, but then leave "the American", who quickly unties himself and fights to the death. Disney makes a more believable movie. Did you even notice after the credits, that it said "all events and characters are ficticious. Any similarity to real events or persons is coincidental". This is the problem with people. They think movies are reality.