Friday, August 14, 2009

In Her Shoes (2005) PG13 - 3½ Stars

Cameron Diaz is one of my favorite actresses and she is perfect for this role. Playing a spoiled sexy girl who gets her way regardless of who stands in it, she's cast well against Toni Collette, who is outstanding as her plain Jane sister. Shirley MacLaine, rounds the family off nicely playing their long lost grandmother who's discipline and wisdom turn Diaz around giving her some traditional family values.

Maggie Feller (Cameron Diaz) is a party girl who rates high in the looks department but low in her scruples. Maggie goes through jobs like paper towels, and constantly has an excuse as to why she can't hold down the position. Instead, she finds a way to use her older sister Rose (Toni Collette), for financial help when she needs it. The two have been close ever since their mother took her own life. Rose has always kept a protective eye out for Maggie and just can't seem to say no when she needs help. She allows Maggie to sleep on her couch while looking for a new job.

Rose is a successful lawyer out of Princeton, with a closet of the most stylist shoes to compliment any outfit. The problem is, her low self esteem never gives her the opportunity to go in them. Maggie tries to build up Rose's confidence and help her land a man. But when that finally happens, Maggie does something unforgivable and now must leave the house.

Maggie accidentally discovers a bunch of letters that her father has been keeping hidden from the girls for years. The letters are from the grandmother Ella (Shirley MacLaine) they never knew cared. Maggie decides to travel to Florida to see if she manipulative her for awhile. However, Ella sees right through Maggie's tricks. with some tough love Ella eventually brings Maggie to look at life in a whole new way. This new point of view makes her appreciate her new family life and even making amends with Rose.

2005 - In Her Shoes - Phoenix Film Critics Association - Top Ten Film of the Year

20th Century Fox Distribution
Director: Curtis Hanson
Writer: Susannah Grant
Producers: Ridley Scott, Carol Fenelon, Lisa Ellzey
I viewed 7/09

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