Thursday, August 27, 2009

Smiley Face (2007) R - 3½ Stars

If you have ever been totally stoned, you will relate and love this movie. I have to say the first half of this movie is hilarious as far as stoner movies go. But, if you would be offended by this type of a movie, stay as far away as possible as the entire movie is dedicated to one girls struggle, making it through the day, after consuming cupcakes laced with drugs. Faris does a great job especially as the movie is focused completely on her.

Jane (Anna Faris) is an aspiring actress but is not getting much work or going on many interviews because her love for smoking marijuana is getting in the way of her regular life. As she awakens one morning, she is supposed to take care of important tasks in her home life, like paying the electricity bill before the service is cut off, and then going off to an important casting call. She reaches for her bong to start the morning off right and before she knows it, her whole day is consumed with her desire for marijuana.

Her roommate Steve (Danny Masterson), has left her explicit instructions to pay the electricity and not to touch the cupcakes he has baked for his Sci-Fi friends getting together that weekend. Jane, who's started her morning by inhaling her bong, now has the munchies and upon opening the refrigerator sees the glorious display of these tasty treats, ignores Steve's "Keep Away" sign and proceeds to consume the entire lot. What Jane doesn't realize is that Steve has laced the cupcakes with some very intense killer kush weed that is now kicking her butt. But now Jane has to score more weed in order to re bake and replace the cupcakes Steve left, get the electricity bill paid, and put on an impressive acting display, all while being totally lit. Can she handle it?

First Look Pictures
Director: Gregg Araki
Writer: Dylan Haggerty
Producers: Henry Winterstern, Gregg Araki, Steve Golin
I viewed 8/09

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