Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sweet Sixteen (2002) R - 2½ Stars

For me, this has got to be one of the hardest movies to understand I have ever watched. Even with closed captioning on, it is still hard to make out the dialog between the young teens with their accents. For that reason alone, I may not have gotten as much out of this movie as it had to offer.

In Greenock, Scotland, an almost 16 year old Liam (Martin Compston), is anxiously awaiting his mother Jean (Michelle Coulter), to be released from prison. She's doing time for something her boyfriend Stan (Gary McCormack) actually did. Liam lives with Stan and his grandfather, Rab (Tommy McKee), but soon gets thrown out of the house. He temporarily moves in with his sister Chantelle (Annmarie Fulton).

Liam is determined to buy his mom a trailer to live in so they can be away from all the problems Stan and Rab have got her into. But that takes money, which Liam doesn't have and before long he finds himself meeting people like gang leader Tony (Martin McCardie), and involved in things he really should have walked away from.

Awards include:
2002 - Sweet Sixteen Cannes Film Festival - Best Screenplay
2002 - Sweet Sixteen European Film Academy - European Film Critics Award Prix FIPRESCI

Director: Ken Loach
Writer: Paul Laverty
Producer: Rebecca O'Brien
I viewed 6/09

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