Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Where The #$&% Is Santa (2008) R - 1½ Stars

I've gotta stop borrowing movies from my neighbor when he says, "This is funnier then hell - you've got to watch it!" Shouldn't I have learned by now that means it's totally tasteless and sucks. It at least that means we have totally different tastes in what's funny. But hey, if you like watching someone eat a reindeer's eyeball and then poop it out later so someone else can can step on it to show it went in almost the same way it came out, well then this may be the movie for you. Are these Jack Asses the same guys from Jack Ass the movie series? If not, they should all hook up.

Bam Margera, his wife Missy and family all join together with Bam's friends to make a video about traveling to the Artic Circle to capture and bring back Santa Claus for Christmas. Their trek takes them across Lapland Finland by bus, sled, helicopter and foot. Along the way, they trash cars with Christmas trees, use slow blowing machines to chill buns, have an indoor snow and flour fight, and some close ups of one of the knuckleheads defecating. This is NOT a Christmas movie for children of any age.

Sonar Entertainment, Bam Margera Productions, Capital V Productions
Directors: Bam Margera, Joe DeVito
Writers: Bam Margera, Joe DeVito, Joe Frantz
Producers: Terry Hardy, Bam Margera
I viewed 9/09

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