Friday, October 9, 2009

The Line (2009) R - 3 Stars

The Line, aka La La Linea, is a fairly decent drug lord film but I found it extremely confusing in direction. It did manage to hold my attention through many parts but it left me with so many unanswered questions. For example, what happened to the blond guy smoking the cigar from the beginning of the movie? I didn't understand his involvement. Was Pelon brothers with the bastard son? What was this "big test" for - to see who could be trusted to run the "Line" or to see who was a backstabber, full of greed? And the pills Mark was taking, were they to ignore his past or was he hallucinating because of them? I must say the head butts look very real making one feel the pain.

Pelon (Esai Morales), is a major drug lord dealing cocaine and operating out of Tijuana, Mexico. When he finds a source for buying heroin from the Afghans, his greed takes over and he starts thinking of himself as the boss, cutting out anyone who gets in his way. Mark Shields (Ray Liotta), is a hired hit man, sent to Tijuana to take Pelon out. But Mark's own demons cause him to freeze before taking the shot and Olivia (Valerie Cruz), must rescue him off the streets and nurse him back to health so he can finish the job.

Maya Entertainment, Project One Films, Ronin Films
Director: James Cotten
Producer: R. Ellis Frazier
Writer: R. Ellis Frazier
I viewed 10/09

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