Monday, October 12, 2009

Management (2008) R - 3 Stars

I love the characters that Woody Harrison portrays and his role as Jango is no exception. Though, this one has got to be labeled a "Chick Flick", it's a cute romantic comedy drama that has enough laughs, men may enjoy too. Steve Zahn is cute in this movie, Anniston shows off her acting skills and Tzi Ma, a new comer to me, helps bring some laughs. The message is good about what it's like to "settle" rather than to take the risk at finding true love.

Mike Crenshaw (Steve Zahn), is the night manager at a motel owned by his mother Trish (Margo Martindale), and father (Fred Ward). Mike's normal routine is instantly shakin up when Sue Claussen (Jennifer Aniston), an art dealer, checks in. Mike's attracted to Sue and must find a way to talk to her. He goes through his old stash of gifts and finds a bottle of wine, dresses it up, and takes it to her room as a complimentary welcome gift. Sue is playing solitaire and feeling pretty lonely herself so she invites him in to her room. Mike attraction is obvious and she allows him to touch her ass, thinking it will give him a thrill and he'll be on his way. What the heck, she is leaving in the morning anyway. But all that does it make the attraction stronger and before she knows it, she's having a sexual encounter with him before she drives away.

Mike can't get Sue off his mind and scrapes together every cent he's got and boards a plane to New York in effort to find the women he loves. Showing up at her office, Sue is taken back by Mikes bold initiative as she views Mike as a man who doesn't have much to offer her. But she's somewhat flattered by his jester and allows him to stay the night. The next morning she puts him on a bus to return home. After all, Mike could not possibly offer Sue anything but love.

Meanwhile Jango (Woody Harrelson), Sue's well to do, ex-punker old boyfriend, comes back into her life and offers her the security she needs. But Mike can't get her out of his mind and once again goes to extremes to find her. Once in town, he is befriended by Truc Quoc (Tzi Ma), who also offers him a job. Together, they put their minds to work, seeking a plan to attract Sue away from Jango and back into Mike's life.

Samuel Goldwyn Films, Image Entertainment
Director: Stephen Belber
Writer: Stephen Belber
Producers: Marty Bowen, Sidney Kimmel, Wyck Godfrey
I viewed 10/09

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