Saturday, January 23, 2010

I Want Someone To Eat Cheese With (2006) NR - 2½ Stars

The coming attractions for this movie looked pretty good so I added it to my queue at Blockbusters and when it arrived popped it anticipating a good laugh or at least a cute romantic comedy. Okay being fair, some of the parts are cute and/or funny, and I do like Bonnie Hunt and Jeff Garlin, but I found it more on the depressing side. I think movies suffer when you try to direct, write, produce and star in your own film.

It's the frustrating struggle of one man's life long path of rejection, while trying to find the one for him. I think deep down, we all are looking for someone to eat cheese with.

James Aaron (Jeff Garlin), is a overweight grown man still living at home with his mother (Mina Kolb). All he really wants in life is a good role in his acting career, to loose some weight and to find that someone special to eat cheese with. But things seem to be looking rather bleak for James as his constantly cheats on his diet, his girlfriend (Rebecca Sage Allen) , leaves him, his agent Herb Hope (Richard Kind), drops him and he can't grasp his dream role in an upcoming movie as Marty. As a matter of fact, he can't even get an audition. Instead he's doing stand up a couple nights a week at a local Chicago small time club.

He just can not get anyone to take him seriously and practicing in front of a grammar school class, with teacher Stella Lewis (Bonnie Hunt), even the kids find he has little to offer. Trying to confront his inner soul, he makes way for the ice cream parlor and meets Beth (Sarah Silverman), behind the counter. He instantly notices her quirky style and realizes she's actually not repulsed to be around him. Could this be his someone to eat cheese with?

IFC Films, First Take (IFC)
Director: Jeff Garlin
Writer: Jeff Garlin
Producer: Erin O'Malley, Jeff Garlin, Steve Pink
I viewed 11/09

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