Friday, January 29, 2010

Ladron Que Roba a Ladron (2007) PG13 - 3 Stars

If you're okay with watching subtitled foreign movies, as I am, I think you might enjoy this one. Aka, To Rob a Thief, if you speak Spanish, I know you'll like this one. Though it takes a little time to get the movie going, it surprisingly picks up and has a good ending I wasn't entirely expecting. Sort of like Robin Hood with the rich giving back to the poor. I liked these two professional thieves who get even with a millionaire who's made his money feeding off the poor. People should learn that if it sounds too good to be true, it's not true.

The acting is fairly average with a few English words thrown in here and there as to not miss the intent of the movie while reading the bottom of it. Think of it as "The Sting" Hispanic style.

In America, the land of opportunity, infomercials are a normal occurrence. Attracting and praying on the vulnerability of depressed people seeking miracle cures, these infomercials give hope to some too embarrassed to seek help elsewhere. All from the comfort of their own homes, Moctesuma "Mocte" Valdez (Saul Lisazo), has made millions peddling his useless hope and dreams to the poor. Creams to wipe your stomach fat away, lotions to massage into your scalp and even enlarge the penis, money pours in from people looking for a miracle. But he goes way too far when he starts peddling "Water of God" as a cure all for cancer.

Emilio (Miguel Varoni), and Alejandro (Fernando Colunga), are professional thief's but even they draw the line at stealing from their own people. Along with the help of a group of illegal immigrants, Rafaela (Ivonne Montero), Anival (Gabriel Soto), Miguelito (Oscar Torre), Rafa (Ruben Garfias), and Gloria (Julie Gonzalo), the plan and pull off the greatest heist of their lives, leaving "Mocte's" to not know what hit him.

Director: Joe Menendez
Writers: José Angel Henrickson, Jojo Henrickson
Producers: Ben Odell, Roni Egvia Menendez, Benjamin Odell
I viewed 1/10

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