Friday, January 22, 2010

Poison Ivy (1992) R - 3½ Stars

I really liked this version of Poison Ivy starring Drew Barrymore as Ivy. She plays an extremely erotic seductive teen age girl who will stop at nothing to get the life she has dreamed of. Even if it means, going against her best friend, seduction of an older man and murder. Good performance also from Sara Gilbert, and Cheryl Ladd.

Ivy (Drew Barrymore) is an orphaned teen age girl from a broken poor family, no friends and a definite style of her own. She goes to school with Sylvie Cooper (Sara Gilbert), also a wall flower, friendless and not living the greatest family life since her mom Georgie (Cheryl Ladd), has taken ill. With Georgie's extreme depression, Sylvie's dad Darryl (Tom Skerritt), is trying to be as supportive as possible to his wives needs, leaving Sylvie to feel neglected and alone. The two girls strike up and unique inseparable bond to rely on each other.

When Sylvie invites Ivy to live with her family, Ivy is overjoyed and gladly accepts as deeply desires the perfect family life style, with all the luxuries, that she thinks Sylvie has. But Ivy gets a taste of the good life, her intentions turn very bad as she plots to take over the household by seducing Darryl, killing Georgie and pinning the rape on Sylvie.

New Line Cinema
Directors: Katt Shea Ruben, Andy Ruben
Writers: Katt Shea Ruben, Andy Ruben
Producers: Peter Morgan, Melissa Goddard, Andy Ruben
I viewed 10/09

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