Monday, February 8, 2010

Duplicity (2009) R - 3 Stars

Though Roberts and Owen make a great looking team with passionate chemistry that works well together. However, the movie becomes more about them instead of goal they are trying to achieve making it very hard for me to follow. For the longest time you don't even know what they are trying to get their hands on. Even the characters don't know what the prize is. At first, when the movie flashed back 5 years, I was interested in where their relationship stemmed from. But when it keeps flashing back to years, months, and even days before, it makes it confusing to stay focused on the point and only on the couples intimate interactions. Don't get me wrong, I got it in the end but for me, the journey getting there wasn't enjoyable trying to keep up.

Claire Stenwick (Julia Roberts), has a long trusted background as a CIA officer. She's working undercover at a company that is trying to uncover a patent that will secure their financial future. Ray Koval (Clive Owen), working at an opposing company is also secretly seeking the same patent. The two play a cat and mouse game with each other trying to hold the upper hand. However the competitors, industry tycoon Howard Tully (Tom Wilkinson), and CEO Dick Garsil (Paul Giamatti),will stop at nothing to access the information gaining the advantage.

Universal Pictures
Director: Tony Gilroy
Writer: Tony Gilroy
Producers: Kerry Orent, Jennifer Fox, Laura Bickford
I viewed 8/09

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