Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Killer Condom (1998) NR - 2 Stars

Why Oh Why do we have movies like this and better yet, why do I continue to watch them? Well my neighbor brought this one down and said "Add this to your reviews" and being the devoted viewer I am, all I can say is here's yet another one for my bizarre category. It's almost like a farce on the "B Movie" so for that, I'm giving it a 2. Based on Ralph Konig's German comic book the movie is also in German with subtitles.

Gay Detective Luigi Mackeroni (Udo Samel), secretly visits sleazy motels in search of pleasure. It's no secret that drag Queen Babette (Leonard Lansink), is in love with him as once the two were very close. But now Detective Luigi longs for more manly men. Meanwhile, ladies of the night have been seeing condoms come to life right before their eyes, literally cutting into their action. Luigi is committed to solving this dilemma but needs to be able to investigate one. Be careful for what you wish for as he's about to have a close encounter that might his end his manhood but more importantly redeem him on the force.

Troma Entertainment, Ascot Film and Fernsehproduction, Ecco Films Inc
Director: Martin Walz
Producers: Ralph S. Dietrich, Harald Reichebner, Michael Stricker
Writer: Ralph Honig
I viewed 10/09

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elgringo said...

You've done what I've only talked about doing: Watching Killer Condom. I've never been able to bring myself to it and for that...I hate myself. Haha, glad you made it through the whole thing.