Thursday, February 11, 2010

Lies and Illusions (2009) R - 2½ Stars

With two of my favorite actors, Cuba Gooding Jr and Christian Slater, I thought this movie would be a huge hit. However, I was disappointed with it's outcome. Yes it has action and bad guys chasing the good, but the whole story turns out to be a sham, the special effect are cheesy at best and it just doesn't keep you caring for the characters at all. For example, after a huge scene smashing up cars and gun shots a blazing, not one cop is to be found. No one is ever around to save Slater and no matter what he does, you almost know he's going to get it in the end. Their lines don't flow and are predictable and corny. Definitely not one of either one of their best films.

Wes Wilson (Christian Slater), is a accredited writer engaged to his fiancee' Sam (Sarah Ann Schultz). When she has gone missing and presumed dead, Wes's life is turned upside down. Being a self help author unable to help himself, friends suggest he start dating again to break his depression. By chance, he meets Nicole (Christa Campbell), who just might give him something else to focus on.

Without warning, Wes is being stalked and threatened by criminal mastermind Isaac Kahn (Cuba Gooding Jr.), who wants his diamonds back. But Wes knows nothing about any diamonds and as he digs deeper into his fiancees past, he finds she's been keeping secrets as he discovers an arsenal of weapons in a secret room. Now as he realises nothing and no one are as them seem there is no one he can rely on but himself.

Nu Image/Millennium Films, Two Sticks Productions
Director: Tibor Takacs
Writer: Eric James
Producers: Johnny Martin, David Ornston, Rich Cowan
I viewed 8/09

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