Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Michael Jackson's This Is It (2009) PG - 4 Stars

No matter what you thought of Michael Jackson as a person, no one can ever say he wasn't of our greatest performers. Even with the quirky behavior, accusations of child molestation, numerous rumors of plastic surgeries, I don't know we will ever see another man of his kind bless our planet in the same way. "This is It," is a lovely tribute to the tragic ending of Michael's short life. It gave me a little more perspective into the man and yes he was anal. Anal to the critical aspects of making everything he did, a performance.

Michael wanted every one of his songs to perfectly tell it's magical story the way he intended it. Extreme attention to specific detail is what made his concerts more visual art shows. If you have ever seen him in concert, you'll have to agree with me that it was one of the best concerts you've ever seen. I saw the "Bad" concert series and at first I was embarrassed to tell friends I went to a Michael Jackson concert. After experiencing Michael live, from some pretty great seats, I can home bragging about how awesome it was. The guy sure could dance. Every song took you somewhere, not with just the lyrics, but as he acted out the entire story before your eyes.

Michael wasn't just a great singer and songwriter, but a true professional with a specific ear tuning his songs into remarkable works of art. With a birds eye view, "This is It" gives you front row seats of the preparation it takes to make a great performance. It's a must see, at least one time, for a glimpse into the men we really never knew.

I don't think Michael was the kind of guy to take no for an answer. I think his brain was a turning wheel 24 hours a day making sleep impossible as he articulated and obsessed every detail of his musical life. I'm not a doctor and don't know anything about the drugs Michael was giving inducing his death. I certainly don't condone what Dr. Conrad Murray gave to Michael and yes he should have been a better professional in his field to be able to say no to Michael. But I think the fame and fortune of being involved in Michale's life, got him caught up into loosing his professionalism of doing what was best for his patient, Michael and instead doing what was best for Dr. Conrad Murray. A sad tragedy as Michael was about to take back the stage of his live.

Sony Pictures Releasing, Sony Pictures Releasing International (SPRI)
Director: Kenny Ortega
Producers: Paul Gongaware, Kenny Ortega, Randy Phillips
I viewed 2/10


Alan Christensen said...

For being mostly rehearsal recordings, this turned into a really good movie! I'm a fan of Jackson's music and the upcoming conert was going to be nothing short of amazing! Too bad he left us so soon!

elgringo said...

I personally would have rather watched a film of pre-show rehearsal footage like this rather than a recording of the finished product. This won't make my Top 10 of the Year list but probably my Top 20.