Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Snow Walker (2003) PG - 4 Stars

I really thought this was a beautiful movie. Shot in Canada, the scenery is breathtaking and I loved almost everything about it. The fall back that stopped me from rating it higher was I didn't like the dialog between the characters. They would have been better off not speaking to each other than trying to make us believe this secluded Eskimo knew as much English as she did. She should have kept to her native tongue and he to his and the movie would have been much more real. But I loved the fact that he was the macho man, brought back to reality when she is teaches him basic survival techniques. Why didn't anyone hear of this movie when it came out?

It's the 1950's and Charlie Halliday (Barry Pepper), has always considered himself to be one the best pilots to fly. Somewhat of a risk taker, Charlie's job has been to deliver supplies to the people of the Artic North. While on a routine delivery he lands to drop off supplies when the native people try to convince him to take one of their extremely sick along with him as she is in need of immediate medical attention for TB. He refuses until they bribe him with a gift of expensive ivory tusks they have harvested. Charlie agrees to talking the ailing Kanaalaq (Annabella Piugattuk), along with him. As the two head off, they are caught in a severe snow storm. When the plane crashes, each is forced to learn from and help the other in order to survive the variety of obstacles the harsh landscape throws in their path.

First Look Studios, Infinity Media, Inc., Walk Well/Snow Walker
Director: Charles Martin Smith
Writer: Charles Martin Smith
Producers: Rob Merilees, William Vince
I viewed 10/09

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