Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Stateside (2004) R - 3 Stars

Based on a true story, Stateside is about the coming of age of a two young psychologically troubled teens. Cook plays a singer / actress gone schizophrenic, drowning deeper into her shell while Tucker plays a young man in need of a reason to live. Kilmer plays the tough Sargent that's drills Tucker into turning his life around. On leave, Tucker will stop at nothing to be with the girl he loves, because no matter how unstable she's become, their unique romance completes and saves them from their solitude.

My favorite quote from Kilmer, "You are here because you could not by trained by the mothers of America." The movie is not award winner and wasn't shown in a lot of theaters but a good rent for a romance drama as it goes to show you there is someone out there for everyone.

Mark Deloach (Jonathan Tucker), is a well to do but extremely bored teenager. He meets Dori Lawrence (Rachael Leigh Cook), a rock singer at a club, and falls in love with her rebellious attitude. So much so, he pulls a prank on Sue Dubois (Agnes Bruckner), that results in a deadly drunk-driving accident. Now in order to not face prison, Mark's sent to join the Marines for rehabilitation. Staff Sgt. Skeer (Val Kilmer), is determined to make a soldier out of him. Meanwhile, Dori is admitted into a mental hospital as she falls deeper into her depression.

Mrs. Hagen (Diane Venora), is the head of Dori's halfway house and she believes that Mark seeing Dori only drives her deeper into herself and she lies to keep them apart. But the opposite is true and only Marc can touch Dori in a way that unlocks her inner self. The two will stop at nothing to be together.

Cinerenta, First Look Studios, Samuel Goldwyn Films, Seven Hills Pictures, Independent Distribution Partnership (IDP)
Director: Reverge Anselmo
Writer: Reverge Anselmo
Producers: Reverge Anselmo, Robert Greenhut
I viewed 11/09

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