Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Inside Out (2005) - 3 Stars

The story line behind this movie was good about a wise Doctor playing mind games with the new neighbors by giving them just enough rope to hang themselves. But it just wasn't as powerful as it could have been. I almost became annoyed with Norman more than the doctor.

Norman (Steven Weber) is an airline pilot who lives with his wife in a nice quiet culdesac. The house next door has just been purchased and the new owners move in the middle of the night causing suspicion. The more Norman tries to be friends with the new neighbor, Dr. People's (Eriq La Salle), the stranger their relationship becomes. When Dr. Peoples starts firing up his lawn mower in the middle of the night to do his lawns, he just plain starts obsessively creeping Norman out especially when Norman thinks he sees, Dr. Peoples putting a body into his car in the middle of the night. Norman suspects it might be Dr. People's wife and brings in some of the other neighbors to form a vigilant watch against the doctor. Norman, and his pretend band of detectives, put People's home under surveillance, trying to get to the bottom of this; even breaking in when he leaves the house. But instead Dr. People's, specializing in psychology, is playing a mind game of his own making it look like the neighbors are the guilty ones.

Shoreline Entertainment, Inside Out Cinema, Humble Journey Films
Director: David Ogden
Writer: David Ogden
Producer: Timothy Linh Bui
I viewed 11/09

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