Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Other Man (2008) R - 2 Stars

What I didn't understand about this movie is why does the husband get so insanely jealous and totally obsessed now learning of an affair that happened with his dead wife. The movie starts out with his wife leaving the house and you wonder if she has gone to be with another man. But no, she's been dead the whole time. Worse off , the husband flies to Milan, tracks the cheater down, plays chess with him, meets his family and they even become somewhat of friends. WTF? He should have at least smacked the guy in the eye. Liam is great, Banderas is cheesy, the cinematography is beautiful but mainly, the direction is horrible.

Peter (Liam Neeson), is obsessed with the fact his dead wife Lisa (Laura Linney), had an affair. I guess out of curiosity, or sheer boredom, Peter travels to Milan to meet his match Rafe (Antonio Banderas), perhaps to find out why she desired him.

Image Entertainment
Director: Richard Eyre
Writers: Charles Wood, Richard Eyre
Producers: Frank Doelger, Mary Beth O'Connor, David Richenthal
I viewed 1/10

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