Sunday, March 28, 2010

Precious: Based on the Novel 'Push' By Sapphire (2008) R - 4 Stars

Wow! Such a sad movie of abuse, mentally, physically and sexually, and you know there are many women out there living this same type of life Precious is. It will make you sit up and take notice of just how good your have it compared to what some have endured. Mo'Nique, you go girl, I swear she deserves the oscar for sure. She plays the worst mother you can imagine. Actually, everyone is great especially new comer Gabourney Sidibe and even a surpirse appearance by Lenny Kravitz as a nurse. Thank God for teachers like Ms. Rain who with love and support, are able to get through to these troubled and abused teens. Could be a good a great humanities movie if there wasn't so much cussing.

Clareece "Precious" Jones (Gabourey Sidibe), leads a lonely life co-habitating with her mother. Though she, waits on her mother Mary (Mo'Nique) hand and foot, nothing Precious ever does is good enough for her. As a matter of fact, in the eyes of her mother, the only thing Precious is good at is taking care of mom by bringing home the welfare check so Mary can sit on her ass all day barking commands. Her mom has told her so many times how useless she is and how she will never amount to anything, that Precious is beginning to believe it. But when a teacher notices her capability, she encourages Precious to attend a special school to get more one on one training. It's there she meets school teacher Ms. Rain (Paula Patton), who changes her life. Guest appearance by (Lenny Kravitz) as Nurse John.

Nominated for 6 Oscar's - Awards Include:

2010 - Academy Award - Best Supporting Actress

2009 - Detroit Film Critics Society - Best Breakthrough Performance
2009 - New York Film Critics Circle - Best Supporting Actress
2009 - Sundance Film Festival - Audience Award
2009 - Sundance Film Festival - Grand Jury Prize

Lionsgate Films
Director: Lee Daniels
Writers: Damien Paul, Geoffrey Fletcher, Lee Daniels
Producers: Sarah Siegel-Magness, Gary Magness, Lee Daniels
I viewed 3/10

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