Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Talking to Heaven (2002) PG13 - 3½ Stars

I don't really have a category for a religious type of movie like this so I added it to Sci-Fi as it really depends in what you believe in. I am a spiritual person but I'm against organized religion and do not support any religion's bible, but then again, that's a whole other topic. Even though this story has been done before, a man being able to see and hear from the dead where other's can't, this one has a pretty good all star cast with some great acting that kept me involved all the way till the end. It's also a good murder mystery of "who done it" with a surprising ending. Made for a two part television mini-series drama.

James Van Praagh (Ted Danson), is an ordinary man with what he feels a curse that allows him to see and feel things from the dead. Since he was 6, he has found he's seen and talked to people that others have not seen. Frowned upon by the other children as an outcast and close to his religious mother Regina (Diane Ladd), James tried to ignore and forget any psychic abilities he once had. With his company failing and his mind preoccupied with signs from the dead surrounding him, James hires Midge (Queen Latifah), to design a web site to build sales. He's gotten a good worker, but also a new good friend he can talk about these images that are haunting him.

After his mother's death, he begins to again see more of these dead people who can't get settled without resolving certain issues. And when young boys with their hands bound, start appearing, James works with Detective Karen Condrin (Mary Steenburgen), using his visions to help stop a serial killer.

Timeless Media Group, RHI Entertainment
Director: Stephen Gyllenhaal
Writer: John Pielmeier
Producers: James Van Praagh, Preston Fischer, John Pielmeier
I viewed 3/10

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