Thursday, March 18, 2010

Then She Found Me (2008) R - 3 Stars

Helen Hunt stars in and also directs this somewhat romantic comedy about what we think we want in life. Hunt's such a great actress that I didn't loose connection with her character and her directing but I did find her looking really tired and old. I find a lot of times you can't do both well and I don't know if her look was specific or she was just worn out. For me, the movie drags on in places with no funny lines. I also didn't buy Broderick's character as a doctor with balls to walk out on her and I also started to get tired of hearing Hunt's constant almost whiny voice. Maybe that part forced me do a reality check of my own life in hopes I don't sound like that. But even though this is a perfect role for Bette, I just didn't find it very funny.

April Epner (Helen Hunt), is a teacher from Philadelphia on the verge of mid life crisis. Surrounded by children daily, she feels her biological clock ticking and desperately wants to have a baby. Her obsession to be pregnant and failed attempts with her husband Ben (Matthew Broderick), are starting to take control of her life. April's adopted mother Trudy (Lynn Cohen), tries to convince April that adoption is the same as having a baby but deep inside, April feels a birth child is what she needs to feel complete. But as Trudy passes away, and Ben walks out on Trudy's obsession, April finds herself alone.

Meanwhile at school, April meets Frank Hartes (Colin Firth), the father of one of her students. He finds himself attracted to April and even though Ben hasn't been out of the picture very long, Frank convinces April to spend time together eventually over taking her heart. But Ben shows up to engage in make up sex finally leaving April pregnant. Now April has to contend with the new man she's falling for, the pregnancy by her ex and a meddling new mom.

Awards Include:
2008 - Alliance of Women Film Journalists - Best Leap from Actress to Director

Hunt/Tavel Productions, Killer Films, ThinkFilm
Director: Helen Hunt
Writers: Helen Hunt, Alice Arlen, Victor Levin
Producers: Helen Hunt, Katie Roumel, Christine Vachon
I viewed 12/09

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