Friday, April 9, 2010

Blindness (2008) R - 2 Stars

Giving this two stars because Danny Glover is in it and I love Danny Glover. But Danny, what the heck are you doing in this one? What seems weird to me is I stayed with the entire movie all the way to the end. It had a way of attaching me to it maybe because I was waiting for something exciting to happen. Well, I'm still waiting and the ending is horrible. They never tell you why everyone went blind and why one lady is the only one who can see. I guess the dark drab cinematography is to make you blinded yourself and perhaps claustrophobic.

One person (Yusuke Iseya), suddenly becomes blind seeing everything white instead of black. He is helped out from behind his drivers seat while another man takes over to avoid a traffic jam. When he returns home to his wife (Yoshino Kimura ), he's missing his eyesight, car and keys. They see the doctor as well as the man who stole his car, who also can not see now. The doctor (Mark Ruffalo ), has never heard of anything like this and starts to research into it further. The doc returns home to his wife (Julianne Moore), and suddenly the doctor is blind too along with everyone who's been in contact with him and so on and so on The entire city, possibly the entire world as no one ever explains, is blind except for the doctors wife who fakes it to be allowed to stay with her husband. They are driven to a holding area and quarantined since it appears to be a contagious virus. But the government treats them as if they have the plague, locks them away where they must fend for themselves to stay alive.

Rhombus Media, Inc., O2 Filmes, Bee Vine Pictures, Miramax Films
Director: Fernando Meirelles
Writer: Don McKellar
Producers: Niv Fichman, Andrea Barata Ribeiro, Sonoko Sakai
I viewed 4/10

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