Monday, April 12, 2010

Clash of the Titans (2010) - 4 Stars

These 3D movies are growing on me and had to make sure I saw this one opening Easter weekend. The original Clash of the Titans is one of my very favorite all time movies so I was interested in seeing what could become of it today. The movie has great entertainment, action with my biggest complaint of why show Bobu, the mechanical owl, if you're not going to take it on their quest. I didn't care for the witches makeup, as I feel it could have been done a whole lot creepier. For me, the battle with the scorpions was filmed too close up. I suppose that was for the 3d surround effects but made it hard to stay focused on the battle. I loved Medusa but where was the two headed creature that protected her entrance. I feel the suspense of that scene wasn't there and way more intense in the original. While I feel the director should have stayed closer to the original story, it's still definitely an enjoyable and entertaining remake. I think seeing it in 2D is the way to go.

Perseus (Sam Worthington), the son of Zeus (Liam Neeson), survives the banishment of he and his mother from the Heavens. Cast away to earth, and raised by man, Perseus is considered the Demigod with the power to defeat the underworld God, Hades (Ralph Fiennes), before he unleashes his wrath of hell on earth.

It seems man has become too independent with little need for prayer thus weakening the God's strength as prayers gives them their power. Hades convinces Zeus to instill the fear back into man by unleashing the Kraken and destroying the City of Argos. Princess Andromeda (Alexa Davalos), will be sacrificed unless Perseus can defeat the Kraken sending Hades back to his hellish underworld. But in order to defeat such a great power, Perseus must survive a maze of challenges and learn to except the gifts of the Gods.

Thunder Road Pictures, Legendary Pictures, Inc., Warner Bros. Pictures
Directors: Steve Norrington, Louis Leterrier
Writers: Travis Beacham, Matt Manfredi, Phil Hay
Producers: Kevin de la Noy, Basil Iwanyk
I viewed 4/10

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2D is the way to go.......