Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Code Name: The Cleaner (2007) PG13 - 2 Stars

When am I going to learn that when my neighbor brings over a video and says, "Here, Watch this - It's really funny," to just say no. My opinion is, pass on this one if you are looking to laugh. Okay, there are about 4 funny parts that made me giggle but overall it's more like WTF. I was reading some of the reviews which say how funny this is, non stop laughter and you will laugh till it hurts which has me wondering what the hell I missed. Nicollette Sheridan gets to show off her hot body and I loved her in televisions Knotts landing, but she looks tired and old and just not a good movie actress. At least Lucy Liu held up her part better, as did Cedric the Entertainer who reminds me of a fatter version of Martin Lawrence. They did have a playful chemistry together.

Jake (Cedric the Entertainer), wakes up in Hotel bed with a dead FBI agent laying next to him and a briefcase full of cash. He has no memory of how he got there and what happened so the only thing to do is to run. Jake keep having flash backs of combat and Kung Fu and he believes he must have been some sort of spy for the C.I.A. or F.B.I.. When the cops show up looking for him, he runs right into the arms of Diane (Nicollette Sheridan), who tries to convince him she's his wife. Diane takes Jake back to "their" home which is a mansion complete with his own butler (Robert Clarke). Diane calls a doctor (Robert Clarke), who tells her Jake is suffering from amnesia. She does everything in her power to help stimulate his memories by seducing him though she is really just trying to find out where Jake hid a computer chip.

Jake needs to clear his head and at a diner, he jots down notes trying to figure out who he is. He finds out he also has a girlfriend when the waitress Gina (Lucy Liu), questions where he's been. She takes Jake to his real home in the ghetto and also bursts his bubble telling him he's a janitor at the place he thought he owned. She also tells him she'll help do whatever he needs to get his memory back. The more clues Jake receives, the more he remembers the computer chip everyone is talking about. Now if he can only remember where he hid it in time to save his life.

New Line Cinema
Director: Les Mayfield
Writers: Robert Adetuyi, George Gallo
Producers: Jay Stern, Cedric the Entertainer, Eric C. Rhone
I viewed 4/10

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