Sunday, January 23, 2011

Black Rain (1989) R - 3½ Stars

Here's an underrated, sleeper movie I don't remember hearing anything about. Also known as "Pioggia Sporca," Douglas is at his finest in "Black Rain." Great little action / drama of a cop determined to get his man. Though it's hard to believe that one detective would be so committed, you don't pay attention to that but more with the honor Douglas wins back, taught to him by a simple Japanese assistant detective. Not your typical cop movie, the acting is superb with great character development and excellent cinematography. It's most definite worth the cost of a rental and I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

New York vice cop Nick Conklin, (Michael Douglas), is under investigation for skimming money off the top of a recent drug bust. With an ex wife to pay and a child to feed, investigators are pretty sure they have their man. His partner Charlie Vincent, (Andy Garcia), trusts Nick is not involved in any wrong doings. While consoling Nick at the bar, members of a Japanese mafia enter the restaurant killing two men after the exchange of a small box. Nick chases the bad guys down and captures Sato, (Yusaku Matsuda); a major player in Yakuza mafia gang. Problem is Nick can't put this thug in jail as the Japanese government is holding the cards of extradition and all Nike can do is to be in charge of flying him home to Japan.

Upon landing in Japan, Charlie and Nick are tricked into surrendering their prisoner to the wrong people. Nick is dedicated into recapturing Sato and will stop at nothing, bending the laws and rules of Japan to do so. The Japanese police are unwilling to receive Nick and Charlie's help, remove them of their weapons and assistant detective Masahiro Matsumoto, (Ken Takakura), is assigned to watch over them. In a world of no one to trust, Joyce Kingsley, (Kate Capshaw), offers Nick important yet beautiful assistance.

Paramount Pictures
Director: Ridley Scott
Writers: Craig Bolotin, Warren Lewis
Producer: Michael Douglas
I viewed 12/10

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