Monday, January 3, 2011

Food, Inc. (2008) PG - 4 Stars

Food Inc., is a very eye opening movie that everyone should see and hopefully respond, forming a stronger unit of American consumers. If we ever want to see Agricultural and Industrial standards changed, our collective voices must be heard. We all need to answer the questions of why it is cheaper to feed your family fast, over processed food than it is to eat healthy. It appears this whole agricultural automation might just be what kills us. Instead of celebrating less people visiting hospitals, big business uses their control to send us there faster.  Small farmers have been forced to work for big corporations that put profit ahead of consumer health. After all, pharmaceutical, health, and insurance companies all feed off this political corporate business of America. Please watch this documentary, get angry and help do something about it to insure the health of future generations The part that was the scariest to me is when it shows how many people we have put in the White House that have solid ties to our USDA and FDA regulations. Follow one woman's journey to reform the system after her young son died of E. coli from consuming hamburgers at a fast food restaurant. He died 12 days later and in his absence, "Kevin's Law" was born.

2009 - Washington D.C. Film Critics Association - Best Documentary

Participant Media, EFilm, Film Finances, Inc., DeWitt Stern Group
Director: Robert Kenner
Producers: Elise Pearlstein, Robert Kenner
I viewed 12/10

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