Sunday, January 30, 2011

Legend of the Guardians: The Owls Of Ga'Hoole (2010) PG13 - 3½ Stars

Beautifully created animation of some of my favorite creatures, the owls. The animation in the owls faces and feathers are really great and so real looking. In some cases it looks like the faces match the voices that bring them to life. However, I am not sure this movie is for small children but more for a mature audience. The conversations between owls, is a little too complex for small minds and it actually is pretty violent in the fighting scenes. Not having children it's hard for me to critique what your choice should be, but I think the animation can still allow them to enjoy the movie. Also, I was unable to see it in 3D and it looks like it has some neat special "in your face" effects. All in all, a cute little movie, beautifully done, about good winning out over evil, faith and family rivalries.

Two young brother owls Soren, (Jim Sturgess), and Kludd, (Ryan Kwanten), are just learning to "branch," flapping their wings to practice flying. Mom and Dad tell them of stories about the Guardians of Ga'Hoole to help them fall asleep. Soren always stares in awe over the stories and dreams about becoming just like them. After their parents have gone to find food, Soran and Kludd who should be in bed, keep practicing. But they haven't yet mastered the art of flying and find themselves on the ground below, leaving their young sister Eglantine, (Adrienne DeFaria), alone in the nest. This is one place an inexperienced owl does not want to find himself as many dangers lurk in the dark on the forest floor. From out of the dark flies a pack of the dreaded Pure Ones who snatch Soren and Kludd up taking them far away to St. Aggie's, St. Aegolius Academy for Orphaned Owls, where owlets are moon struck, brainwashed and trained to comply. The Pure Ones are trying to eliminate all owls of the forest and use them as Soldiers or Slaves. The Soldiers will be trained to defend the army of the Pure Ones while the Slaves will pick through regurgitated pellets to find sparks to add to the giant energy field that defends them. Soren and Kludd get separated as Kludd decides he wants to join with the enemy and denounces his brother sending Soren to the depths of the pellet pile. Soren and his new friend Gylfie, (Emily Barclay), escape with the help of one old owl Noctus-Grimble, (Hugo Weaving), who's hoping someone can finally get away. They head towards the sea in search of the guardians of Ga'Hoole to warn them what evil Metal Beak, (Joel Edgerton) and Nyra, (Helen Mirren), are doing with young captured owlets. While stopping to rest, Soren and Gylfie meet Digger, (David Wenham), and Twilight, (Anthony LaPaglia), who have just settled down to enjoy a meal of Soren's good friend and snake, Mrs. Plithiver, (Miriam Margolyes). Soren convinces Twilight not to eat Miss Plithiver and instead join them on their quest to find the guardians.

Arriving at the tree of Ga'Hoole they meet Ezylryb, (Geoffrey Rush), the old wise guardian who sees something special in Soren. He trains Soren for a great mission to rescue and save the kidnapped owlets and stop the Pure Ones from their wrong doings. Soren finds the strength to become as great as the guardians he looked up to.

De Line Pictures, Village Roadshow, Warner Bros. Pictures Distribution
Director: Zack Snyder
Writers: Emil Stern, John Orloff, John Collee
Producer: Zareh Nalbandian
I viewed 12/10

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Sounds decent enough this movie, look forward to seen the visuals.