Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Polar Storm (2009) PG13 - 2½ Stars

Oh why can't we make a good science fiction with some good acting and special effects. While this made for T.V. movie did have me captivated, half way through the movie things were becoming absurd. The submarine animation was ridiculous and impossible and the fact the world can be in one mans hand, God help us all. The acting couldn't be much worse for most of the star characters, I mean the kids friend and a father dies and they hardly show emotion? But in fairness, it looks like they did the best they could in their budget. It's not a horrible Sci-Fi, I've definitely seen worse. The stories concept is right on for me just not well executed.

All eyes are star gazing a massive comet passing closer to earth than ever before. Dr. James Mayfield, (Jack Coleman), is taking calculations from a post in Alaska when a peice breaks off and heads straight towards earth. Mayfield is able to download his data before the comet collides proving his therory that the earth has been thrown off it's axis disturbing the Earth's magnetic field.

Mayfield's wife Cynthia, (Holly Dignard), and son Shane, (Tyler Johnston), are left to fend for themselves as they try to get out of the electrical pulse zone. The President, (Roger R. Cross), must enlist the aide of Dr. Mayfield, his father the General, (Terry David Mulligan), and a group of Russian sailors to try and save the planet.

First Look Studios, Cinetel Films, Insight Film Studios
Director: Paul Ziller
Writers: Paul Ziller, Jason Bourque
Producer: Breanne Hartley
I viewed 12/10

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