Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Salt (2010) PG13 - 4½ Stars

Angelina Jolie kicks ass and steals the show in one of her best roles. Great action scenes that get started right away. Though I doubt you would see our FBI and CIA officials shooting randomly amongst a road full of innocent civilians, there's enough action to pull you right back in before you're questioning that too much. Yeah okay there are some scenes that are pretty unbelievable however I didn't get caught up on that as the action is non stop. Bottom line is I loved the movie and I have new respect for Jolie as I hear she did a lot of her own stunts. You already know there is going to be a sequel. I just hope it will be as good as this one.

Evelyn Salt, (Angelina Jolie), is an undercover officer for the CIA with a dark secret. When she was young, her parents were killed in an accident and Evelyn was taken in and trained by a Russian man who made her swear allegiance to Russia. That's always sticks in the back of her mind. When a Russian defector Orlov, (Daniel Olbrychski), looking for immunity comes in to tell of a plot to assassinate the Russian president, Salt is the one to interrogate him. He tells Salt, CIA Agent Peabody, (Chiwetel Ejiofor), and her boss and mentor CIA Agent Winter (Liev Schreiber), that Salt is a Russian sleeper spy, and she is the one who will carry out the assassination. Now, with no one to trust she must do everything possible to prove her alliance to the right country.

Relativity Media, Sony Pictures Releasing, Columbia TriStar Motion Picture Group,
Directors: Phillip Noyce, Peter Berg
Writers: Brian Helgeland, Kurt Wimmer
Producers: Sunil Perkash, Lorenzo Di Bonaventura
I viewed 12/10

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