Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Wronged Man (2009) N/R - 4 Stars

Imagine police coming into your families home and arresting you for raping an 11 year girl? And with a weak case against you, the court still manages to find you guilty, sentencing you to life in prison. Since you live a simple lifestyle, your family does not have the means to hire expensive attorneys and you spend 2 years in jail with your entire family refusing to give up on you. Then one day, a stranger comes into your life, and selfishly invests 20 years of her life pro bono to win your way to freedom. "The Wronged Man" is and made for T.V. movie based on the true story of Calvin Willis, who spent 22 years behind bars for a crime he didn't commit. If it were not for the passion of one special paralegal, Janet "Prissy" Gregory, and DNA testing, Calvin Willis would still be behind bars today.

Janet Gregory, (Julia Ormond), aka "Prissy", is a single mom and paralegal in a small Southern Louisiana town. When her boss is suddenly killed by lightning, she helps out by reassigning his case load. But one case in particular, the case of Calvin Willis, brings back an emotional haunting she just can't walk away from it.  The more she looks into the case, the more she discovers many discrepancies that don't. She devotes the next 20 years of her life doing everything she can to bring the case back before a judge. Finally on September 19, 2003, "Prissy" and Calvin Willis, (Mahershalalhashbaz Ali), walk down the steps of the Louisiana State Correctional Facility as Calvin becomes a free man.

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, Lifetime Movie Network
Director: Tom McLoughlin
Writers: Teena Booth, Andrew Corsello
Producer: Robert J. Wilson
I viewed 12/10

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