Wednesday, February 9, 2011

10 Questions for the Dalai Lama (2006) NR - 3½ Stars

Very nice documentary about the 14th and maybe the last genuine Dalai Lama. The predecessor this Dalai Lama has selected, turned up missing the next day and has never been seen again. Instead, the Chinese government have selected their own young boy and are now grooming him to their specific needs.

I was surprised to learn that Yahoo, Google and Microsoft all allow censorship of their search engines in regards to information pertinent to the Dalai Lama. Only pre-approved information is allowed from the Chinese government. Why are they so scared of a man who can not be controlled. His infectious laughter, his Buddhist philosophies and non violent approach of dealing with any type of people, being able to completely forgive anyone who is against him, show his great act of self discipline. The key to life is self discipline and the one thing I am lacking otherwise my spiritual beliefs seem to be in order with him. I love the fact he chooses scientific belief over religion.

"Why are the poor traditionally so much happier than the wealthy?" With little possessions there are also little worries. The more you have, the more the worry in yourself loosing it all and you reach for that, "one more, one more." The Dalai Lama lives a humble life and gave all of his monetary winnings from the Nobel Peace Prize to charity trying to helping his Tibetan people from poverty.

The film shares 85 minutes and gives you just a glimpse into the Tibetan culture, making one eager to learn more. I think it was nicely done, and insightful and touches on actual footage of the Chinese invasion. For me. it wasn't all about the 10 questions asked but more about this simple man, groomed from a young age, to follow in the steps of the Dalai Lama's before him, but more a glance into who is has become. People have compared him to other great leaders like Gandhi.

Monterey Media, Last Ditch Effort Production, Ojai Media
Director: Rick Ray
Writer: Rick Ray
Producers: Sharon Ray, Rick Ray
I viewed 1/11

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