Sunday, February 20, 2011

Angels & Demons (2009) PG13 - 3 Stars

This sequel to The Da Vinci Code feels more like watching a new movie than connecting to the first other than they are both about breaking a secret code. While this seems extremely challenging, it's almost too complex to stay on top of. You have to go along with what happens instead of being a part of it in your head. It reminds me of National Treasure. Hanks is probably the best thing about the movie as he's in a believable role exposing a conspiracy involving the Catholic Church.

The European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) has constructed a Large Hadron Collider and has captured three vials of antimatter. Father Silvano Bentivoglio (Carmen Argenziano) and Dr. Vittoria Vetra (Ayelet Zurer), are over seeing the project. After the capture, someone breaks in and steals one of the vials, killing Father Bentivoglio who tries to stop them.

Meanwhile the College of Cardinals' papal conclave is preparing to select their next pope as the Roman Catholic Church mourns the death of Pope Pius XVI. Camerlengo Patrick McKenna (Ewan McGregor) has temporary control of the Vatican until a new pope is selected. Everyone flocks to Saint Peter's Square to await the white smoke from the conclave which signifies an unanimous vote has been reached. A 400 year old, underground secret society known as the Illuminati, kidnap the four priests in line for the job, threatening to kill one an hour. Illuminati also has the missing vial which must be found before the vials battery life runs out causing the magnetic containment of it's contents to explode. Dr. Vetra works with Harvard University respected symbologist Robert Langdon (Tom Hanks), after a symbol on the skin of a murdered victim, Langdon has deduced the four priests are hidden in the four altars of the "Path of Illumination." The only problem is to locate these alters in time to save the 4 priests and retrieve the vial before it explodes.

Imagine Entertainment, John Calley Productions, Columbia TriStar Motion Picture Group
Director: Ron Howard
Writers: Akiva Goldsman, David Koepp
Producers: Ron Howard, John Calley, Brian Grazer
I viewed 12/09

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