Sunday, February 13, 2011

Death at a Funeral (2007) R - 3½ Stars

For me, this Bristish version is so much better then the new 2010 version. Funnier performances by more believable actors. My review will be shorter than normal as I hate to give away all of the laughs as they're fun thrown in your face when least expecting them. Definitely a good comedy great for a rainy day when you're indoors needing a laugh.

Daniel (Matthew MacFadyen), along with his wife Jane (Keeley Hawes), are arranging the funeral of Daniel's father at their family estate. Things start out wrong when the funeral home arrives with the wrong body. Robert (Rupert Graves), his older brother and great novelist, shows up to the funeral expecting Daniel to have taken care of all the expenses. This doesn't sit well with Daniel as he and his wife are trying to close the deal on a new home for themselves. Cousin Martha (Daisy Donovan), and her fiance' Simon (Alan Tudyk), also arrive on scene to the dismay that Simon is acting very strangely. It seems while picking up Martha's brother Troy (Kris Marshall), Simon is given what he thinks is a Valium only to find out later it's hallucinogenic drug; acid. Out of his element meeting the family and out of his mind, Simon keeps the entire family on their toes.

Family friend Howard (Andy Nyman), brings Uncle Alfie (Peter Vaughan),  and Peter (Peter Dinklage), a dwarf, arrive at the service. Peter takes Daniel aside and shows him inappropriate pictures that connect him with his father. In the midst of trying to pay a nice tribute to his father, chaos erupts at the service and now there is one extra body.

Sidney Kimmel Entertainment, Cinesite (Europe) Ltd., MGM Distribution Company
Director: Frank Oz
Writer: Dean Craig
Producers: Share Stallings, Diana Phillips, Laurence Malkin
I viewed 12/10

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