Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Serendipity (2001) PG13 - 4 Stars

I really liked this romantic comedy about the chance of fate. Though I doubt this is ever going to happen, it's still nice to dream about your destiny. I think men will enjoy this movie as mush as women as it's not just a "chick flick." John and Kate have great chemistry together and the New York setting feels right. If you've ever missed someone or believe in love at first sight, it's your destiny to see this movie.

Jonathan (John Cusack), and Sara (Kate Beckinsale), are two New Yorkers shopping for a present. By chance, they both land their hands on the same last pair of gloves. With a glimpse into each others eyes, there's a special spark in both they just can't ignore. Both are currently in relationships but the two just can't help the strong attraction they are feeling. They decide it can't hurt anything if they have coffee together and talk. Sara writes her number on paper for Jonathan but it flies away in the wind. She tells him she greatly believes in fate and if they are meant to be together they will be. She has just bought a book and swears she will write her phone number in it and donate it to a used book store in the morning. If he can find the book, he will have her number once again proving fate.

Years pass as Jonathan has been unable to find the copy of the book and he is now engaged to marry another. He confides in his best friend Dean Kansky (Jeremy Piven), that he just can't shake that feeling he had with Sara years ago. It turns out Sara, now living in San Francisco, is also engaged yet still can't shake the feelings she had over meeting Jonathan. Her best friend Eve (Molly Shannon), encourages her to try to find Jonathan because perhaps he has still been looking for her. They both need to know if serendipity has kept them apart of is still there to bring them together.

Tapestry Films, Simon Fields Productions, Miramax Films
Director: Peter Chelsom
Writer: Marc Klein
Producers: Peter Abrams, Simon Fields, Robert L. Levy
I viewed 6/10

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