Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Takers (2010) PG13 - 3½ Stars

With an Ocean's Eleven sort of feel, Takers is also after big money but targeted against the police system trying to stop them. Filmed in Los Angeles, at first I didn't have too much belief in Dillon's character. Probably for not having much faith in our L.A.P.D. force being that on top of things. Dillion comes off as having most of the answers instantly and fairly effortlessly and I just didn't buy that. Also, he risks his daughters safety, chasing suspects down the street but at the end he's casually driving around consulting with his partner. The beginning also was a little confusing connecting all the players but once they come into play, it's a good action drama with "Mission Impossible" technology. I especially like the filming/editing of the shoot out in the Roosevelt hotel. It was extremely effective without being over the top.

Two brothers Jesse (Chris Brown), and Jake (Michael Ealy), Attica along with A.J. (Hayden Christensen), Eddie Hatcher (Jay Hernandez), and Lt. Carver (Steve Harris), are known as the "Takers." They plan big robberies with skill and clockwork precision. If there's a big haul to take, this gang can get in and out without leaving a trace of evidence against them. After hitting a bank and coming out over 2 million ahead, they decide to lay low. That is until Ghost (Tip "T.I." Harris), is released from jail showing up at their doorstep. A former member, Ghost feels he's done time and kept his mouth shut so these takers owe him one last heist. He convinces the gang he has inside information taken from inside the joint. It involves the use of high tech explosives available from a group of black market Russian dealers.

Detective Jack Welles (Matt Dillon), and his partner Gordon Jennings (Idris Elba), are still trying to solve the bank heist when Welles gets the urge to follow Ghost and see what he's up to. Word on the streets is a new heist is about to go down with a way bigger take than the bank. Welles and Jennings are determined to crack the case and stop this group from taking anymore.

Screen Gems, Rainforest Pictures, Sony Pictures Releasing
Director: John Luessenhop
Writers: Avery Duff, Peter Allen, John Luessenhop
Producers: William Packer, Jason Geter, Tip "T.I." Harris
I viewed 1/11

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