Thursday, February 24, 2011

Unthinkable (2010) R - 4 Stars

Wow, Samuel L. Jackson gives an over the top performance as an interrogator gone mad in this war thriller. A Muslim extremist has placed three nuclear bombs in unknown U.S. cities and it's Jackson's job to make him talk. Warning, some of you are not going to like his methods but don't think that didn't happen in the days following our invasion of Iraq.

Yusuf, formally named Younger, (Michael Sheen), is a Muslim extremist who states he's planted three nuclear bombs in major cities across the United States that are set to go off if his demands are not met. FBI's Special Agent Helen Brody (Carrie-Anne Moss) is sent to work with "H" (Samuel L. Jackson), a special interrogator, to get the information of the bombs locations. When traditional methods don't work, "H" is authorized to go to work on Yosuf. He takes out a small hatchet, chopping off one of Yusuf's fingers to show he means business thus horrifying Agent Brody. Yusuf has been trained to resist torture while maintaining his silence so "H" thinks Yusuf may be faking his claim. Yusuf agrees and gives an address that sends them on a wild goose chase only to find a bomb exploding in a nearby mall, killing over 50 people. This angers "H" to increasing the strength of his interrogation as Yusuf demands the withdrawal of American troops from the Middle East. The United States doesn't negotiate with terrorists so "H" must now do the unthinkable in order to achieve the needed locations of the bombs.

Senator Entertainment
Director: Gregor Jordan
Writer: Peter Woodward
Producers: Marco Weber, Caldecot "Cotty" Chubb, Vanessa Coifman
I viewed 10/10

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