Thursday, March 3, 2011

Case 39 (2010) R - 3 Stars

Case 39 shows the power of letting something get inside your head. You can become your own worst enemy driving yourself crazy with illusions of fear. In this "Orphan" styled case, the fear is the devil himself packaged with large blue eyes and a sweet tender voice. Seen so many times before, its a decent, but still yet another, thriller about the devil lurking close by. My favorite scene takes place inside a bathroom.

Emily Jenkins (Renée Zellweger), is a social case worker with a big heart and a full agenda. Her boss Wayne (Adrian Lester), just handed her yet another file; case #39. She tosses it aside but can't help opening the cover. A tiny 10 year old girl named Lillith Sullivan "Lily" (Jodelle Ferland), cries out to her from the behind the manilla file. Emily makes an appointment to meet with the family. While being interviewed, Lily confides to Emily that she fears her parents are plotting her demise. Emily gives Lily her personal number to call at the first sign of trouble.

Emily is awakened by a call from Lily saying her parents have drugged her and planning to send her to the fires of hell. Having met the suspicious parents earlier, she grabs her coat and races to Lily's home also notifying Detective Barron (Ian McShane), her friend in the police department. As they arrive, the parents have Lily taped inside the oven trying to set her a blaze. The parents are taken into custody and Lily is allowed to go home with Emily where she can live in a safe environment as the wait for a proper loving home to accept her. Soon after Lily moves in, trouble starts with Lily's suspicious behavior. Emily's small circle of friends, like almost boyfriend and co-worker Doug (Bradley Cooper), and other case loads, are tragically popping up dead. She must now open dark secrets of her past, facing her own fears if she is to stand up to this tiny package of joy.

Misher Films, Anonymous Content, Paramount Vantage Pictures
Director: Christian Alvart
Writer: Ray Wright
Producers: Kevin Misher, Steve Golin
I viewed 1/11

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