Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Cold Storage (2006) R - 2½ Stars

Not the worst horror movie I've ever seen, this one at least has a decent story with some very creepy characters. However, if you rent the movie thinking your going to find a dead body under ice, this box is misleading. Basically, a man finds a girl, thrown from her car in the middle of the road. He takes her home where she dies and now he's in love and can't let her go. The movie is chocked full of "Diane Arbus" characters which add to the freakishness. I'm not sure if they should be proud or not but, the actors who play these back wood freaks, really look natural. Scary to think there may be people deep in the woods who live like this. Luther Spoole, played by Brett Gentile, is just about one of the scariest neighbors I would never want to run into.

Melissa (Casey Leet), has caught her boyfriend Daric (Matt Keeslar), cheating so she needs to get away and take some time to think. She's an actress and there's a gig in a small town Tennessee. As she enters the backwoods, a bird hits her windshield sending her car out of control and throwing her from the car. Barely clinging to life, Clive Mercer (Nick Searcy), drives by, scoops her up in his arms, and takes her back to his cabin in the woods. Clive begins to treat her like a queen, vowing to attend to her every wish. One problem, Melissa is dead. When she doesn't report to her motel or the play, her sister Cathy (Joelle Carter), and Daric set off to find her. When they arrive at the town, the sheriff does nothing to help so they set off in the woods to find her alone. But Clive is not willing to give his new bride up and Cathy and Daric are now held hostage themselves.

Synthetic Fur, Lionsgate
Director: Tony Elwood
Writers: Mark Kimray, Tony Elwood
Producers: Tony Elwood, Paul Barrett
I viewed 1/11

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