Monday, March 21, 2011

Death Race 2 (2010) Unrated - 2½ Stars

Now you really have to use your imagination here. Island housing prisoners, okay, I'll buy that. Fights and unrest breaking out at the prison, okay, I'll even buy that. All these pretty woman locked up for life taking part in the Death Matches and Death Races, NOT! Pretty game show host calling all the shots in the prison, getting really hard to buy and if anywhere in the U.S. allows prisoners to kill each other well just think of the housing costs America could save. Since this is supposedly happening in present day, well enough said. It's not my type of movie however having said that, the acting is fairly good from a few of the men. If you love action, weapons and wrecking cars, then you're going to love Death Race. Be forewarned, it looks like Death Race 3 is in store.

It's 2012 and private corporations now own and manage the prison systems. Terminal Island houses some of the most violent criminals in the world and the Weyland Corporation, now hosts a show called Death Match, a televised pay per view competition, with it's unscrupulous producer September Jones (Lauren Cohan), from the island. Death Match does just what it says. It films the battle of two of the strongest inmates who fight to the death. Rating levels have been dropping off and Summer is looking for something new to put her ratings back on top.

Carl "Luke" Lucas (Luke Goss), is the getaway driver for a robbery requested by crime boss Markus Kane (Sean Bean). Luke is working with two new guys who botch up the robbery and Luke ends up killing one of the cops in order for the men to escape. He drops off the two rookies in the midst of being chased and eventually is caught and sent to Terminal Island as a convicted cop killer. Summer has seen how well Luke drove to evade the police and decides to start "Death Race" to get her ratings back on top. In this case, inmates will compete in death races till only one remains and that one is given his freedom back into normal society. She is eager to get Luke to race right away. Luke's pit crew consists of Lists (Frederick Koehler), Goldberg (Danny Trejo), and Rocco (Joe Vaz). Luke is paired up with Katrina Banks (Tanit Phoenix), a woman on death row and now it's a fight to the finish. The two battle to stay alive and possible win their freedom.

Impact Pictures, Capital Arts Entertainment
Directors: Roel René, Roel Reiné
Writer: Tony Giglio
Producers: Paul W.S. Anderson, Mike Elliott, Jeremy Bolt
I viewed 1/11

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