Monday, March 7, 2011

The Last Kiss (2006) R - 4 Stars

From reading all the other reviews, it sounds like you are either going to love or hate it this movie. I think the ones that hate it are the ones that aren't in a committed relationship. For me, I loved it and it's a good story of how relationships work. It's probably not a 4 star movie but I'm taking into consideration it's relationship category and giving it the extra 1/2 star for being such a true and refreshing comedy/drama. The situations feel much realer and the dive a little deeper into making you think a little harder about whether you should be in a relationship or not.

We all think the grass is always greener on the other side and our curiosity steers us off course. If you don't go sow your wild oats first, you'll always have regrets about what might have been. No relationships are perfect and cheating happens for these very reasons of human nature. The key is appreciating what you already have and communicating with one another to make a solid foundation. With that, the rest is easy. My boyfriend even said, "Not too bad for a chick flick."

Michael (Zach Braff), just turned 30 and even though he has the perfect girlfriend, Jenna (Jacinda Barrett), he's feeling confused and scared when she announces she is pregnant. First, he's excited but as he thinks about his life suddenly becoming pre planned with no surprises in store, he begins to panic. He can't even think of three ideal couples to relieve his doubts. His friend Izzy (Michael Weston), is still in love with a girl who has moved on. Kenny (Eric Christian Olsen), is all about having sex with no strings attached and Chris (Casey Affleck), is on the verge of walking away from his marriage as his bitchy wife makes even his baby afraid of her. Jenna gets a call that her mother Anna (Blythe Danner), has just walked out on her father Stephen (Tom Wilkinson), proving once again even long lasting relationships don't work. He's really got cold feet now about the direction his life is taking.

As they all attend a wedding, Michael meets a vibrant girl named Kim (Rachel Bilson). He finds talking to her breathes new life back into him making him feel significant again. As Kim turns on her charm, Michael is convinced to sneak out and attend a party with her. He lies to Jenna about going out with one of his best friends, and instead falls into the arms of Kim. As Michael jumps into the deep end to test the waters of another life, will Jenna ever forgive him.

Lakeshore Entertainment, DreamWorks Studios
Director: Tony Goldwyn
Writers: Gabriele Muccino, Paul Haggis
Producers: Tom Rosenberg, Andre Lamal, Marcus Viscidi
I viewed 1/11

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