Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Secret (2002) N/R - 3 Stars

This movie originally made by the BBC airing in the U.K. Even though it flows extremely slow, it somehow managed to pull my interest back in where I couldn't pause and walk away. It's not a fantastic movie, rated about 2½ stars, but I still gave it 3 for the fact it kept me interested till the end. Though somewhat predictable, the suspense is there and finally when the movie ends, you almost feel let down. The three main characters are good actors, not well known to me, and I like that.

Emma Faraday (Haydn Gwynne), is a simple woman, mother of two and married to Alex (Robert Bathurst.) One would never know she's been carrying around a secret that she's chosen to suppress deep inside and function normally. She seems to have a stable and happy relationship with her family. That is until her old childhood friend, Nadia (Stella Gonet), reappears in her life threatening to take it all away.

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), October Productions
Director: Alrick Riley
Writer: Lucy Floyd
Producer: Paul Rutman
I viewed 10/10

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