Saturday, March 12, 2011

Time (2006) N/R - 3 Stars

Wow, talk about a couple playing games with each other. This is my third Korean subtitled movie and all of them have been pretty good yet so bizarre. Here's one that offers a taste of obsessive love with a lot of crazy thrown in.

"Time" is a totally bizarre look at a woman obsessed with her face. So much so, she mysteriously leaves her boyfriend and reappears with a new face. She works her way back into his life only to find he is not totally into this new woman as he is still in love with his ex. When he finds out what she has done, he is so devastated, he visits the doctor and does the same thing to his face. But he plays around with her now, not revealing himself right away. I don't want to give away the ending, lets just say bizarre. Gripping performances by the three leads. Nice backdrop, someday I want to photograph "Sculpture Bay" where the ocean becomes part of the artwork!

Seh-hee (Park Ji-yeon), is a pretty girl but she constantly thinks her boyfriend Ji-woo (Ha Jeong-woo), is not happy with her and fantasizes about being with other women. Instead of seeing the happiness she brings to him, she turns to a plastic surgeon to become more of the woman she thinks Ji-Woo wants. But it backfires on her as she reappears as See-hee (Seong Hyeon-aah), begins to work her way back into his life and is rejected when she tests him to see if he will stay true to her.

Happinet Pictures Co. Ltd., Kim Ki-duk Film Company, Lifesize Entertainment
Director: Kim Ki-duk
Writer: Kim Ki-duk
Producer: Kim Ki-duk
I viewed 1/11

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